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Less Haystack, More Needle

With around 40 million users just on Facebook in the UK alone, the power of Social Media is prominent and continually growing.

We are here to help you take advantage of Social Media to build your brand and your business.

Together, we leverage the power of Facebook Ads to your marketing strategy to help grow your business towards your specific target audience without hurting your budget. 

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"...Huh?" Still a bit lost? Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Type Of Results Can I Expect?
    Your results are mainly dependent on the effectiveness of your Ad and your advertising budget. After all, the more fuel you have in the tank the further you can go! But a massive budget is not essential. First, we'll define your ad objective, whether it be brand awareness, clicks to website or any of the other options. This will be our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) which you will receive a report of, so you can keep an eye on how we're doing. 
  • What Is An 'Ad Campaign'?
    A campaign contains one or more advert sets and adverts. So for example, you could be selling Fitness Supplements, and your campaign goal is Website Clicks. You can create 2 separate adverts with different images or videos to perhaps target different audiences. One advert for say, 18-25yr old males, and one advert for 30-45yr old females. The adverts to each audience would certainly need to look different in order to appeal directly to them, whilst having the same campaign goal - Website Clicks.
  • How Long Does An Ad Campaign Last For?
    As long as you like! This is largely factored on how big your budget is, and the objective of your Ad Campaign, but we recommend a minimum of 5 days to get some real actionable data to build upon for your
    next campaign. Always keep in mind that you never create the perfect ad, you build it. Data over time will
    give us better insights and help us consistently deliver better, more effective ad campaigns each time.
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